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Tips & How-Tos

How to clean up exterior paints

Oil-Based Paints:

Clean brushes by working solvent into bristles. Squeeze out as much paint and solvent as possible. Repeat until paint disappears. Rinse in clear solvent, then wash in soapy water, rinse and let dry. Wrap and store in heavy paper or original brush sleeve.

Rollers: disassemble and submerge cover in solvent. When most paint has been worked out, wash the cover in mild detergent and rinse in clear water. Remove paint from frame and hardware with solvent. Hang roller to dry.

Water-Thinned (Latex) Paints:

Follow above cleaning procedures, substituting soapy water for paint solvent.

Proper Disposal:

Water-thinned (latex) and oil-based paints should be used completely, reserving a small amount for touch-ups. Dry, empty containers may be recycled in a can recycling program. Consider donating unused product to a community group or civic organization or save solvent-thinned products for household hazardous waste collection. In most states, latex paint can be dried out in the can and disposed of in your household trash. Leave the lid off to show that the paint has hardened.

Source: Benjamin Moore 2002